What is Follow the Shred?


Follow The Shred is about one thing; spreading stoke. What exactly stoke is, I can’t say for sure, but I like to think its that special feeling that finds you in your hour of need to pull you off the couch and onto the nearest trail.

How does a guy or girl spread stoke? Through stories. Using words to inspire, encourage and share unforgettable moments is an effective way to spread stoke, and since pictures are often worth 1000 words, you will find many of those here as well.

We are a collaboration of amateurs who love riding, wrenching, coffee, beer, dogs and life. We have teamed up to share our stories and spread our passion for the greatest machines man has ever created; the bicycle and the coffee grinder.

Join us on our journey as we solve important mysteries, encounter singletrack, bike parks, unmarked trails, coffee roasters, some people, animals maybe, at least one dog, a truck, a squirrel, and probably a trail soda or two.

Words and iPhone photos by Tim Friesen

instagram @tfriesenfts

High quality photos by Shane Wiebe

instagram @shanewiebephoto